Text/authors: Daphna Beerdsen, Yttje Feddes, Maarten Kloos, Ernest Kurpershoek, Merel Ligtelijn, Marinus Oostenbrink, Ingrid Oosterheerd, Evert Verhagen   ..  Editors: Sabine Lebesque   ..  Photography: Lard Buurman, Johan Olsthoorn
isbn: 978-90-78088-10-3   ..  € 19,90  .. buy book

. extensive and accessible documentation on existing, recent and planned architecture along the southern bank of the IJ in Amsterdam
. new developments are set within their historical context
In Barcelona and London it’s the docklands; in New York it’s Williamsburg and the Meatpacking District; and in Amsterdam it’s the area along the southern bank of the IJ inlet. Everywhere you look , the light and space created for industry and harbour activities are being repurposed for residential life, business and services: where once coffee was shipped, coffee is served. A two-decade makeover of the southern bank of Amsterdam’s IJ inlet has seen disused shipping wharfs, dockside warehouses and industrial estates replaced by a new urban zone, nestled into (onto) the historic city centre. more
Densely stacked apartment blocks, offices and businesses have been joined by cultural institutions, restaurants and schools, in a combination of new and old building stock. This architectural guide Along Amsterdam’s Waterfront is the first full survey of development in areas historically connected with the harbour. Its texts on housing typologies, infrastructure, gentrification and recreation are accompanied by nine architectural routes documented in photographs, drawings and texts, which take in more than 200 projects. back
Along Amsterdam’s Waterfront, Exploring the architecture of Amsterdam's Southern IJ Bank
Design: De Designpolitie .. 352 blz .. 10,6 x 16,8 cm.. sewn paperback with flaps .. English .. In cooperation with OGA (Amsterdam Development Corporation) .. PMB (ProjectManagementBureau.. Amsterdam) .. supported by the Netherlands Architecture Fund