Text/authors: Bob Witman, Hilde de Haan   ..  Photography: Jeroen Musch
isbn: 9789078088431   ..  € 25,00

Dutch only!

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There are around 300 public squares in Amsterdam. It may seem a lot, but is it enough? And what is the best square in Amsterdam? Where are the secret squares of the city located, which square is ripe for improvement, and what do the people of Amsterdam themselves think of their squares?

Amsterdamse Pleinen investigates those questions and describes the history, accompanied by a wealth of beautiful photographs. more

The authors Bob Witman and Hilde de Haan are architecture critics for de Volkskrant.

Jeroen Musch is regarded as one of the most interesting Dutch architecture photographers, who is well known from such publications as the Architecture Yearbook.

With Stadgenoot and Nanabooz, Willem Rogge en Petra van Veelen. more

Amsterdamse Pleinen
Graphic Design: Sok Visuel Management, Amsterdam.. 208 blz .. A4-format .. hardcover.. Dutch.. supported by: Stadgenoot