Text/authors: Sabine Lebesque, Pito Dingemanse, Ronald Hooft, Maarten Kloos, Harkolien Meinsma, Ton Schaap   ..  Editors: Sabine Lebesque
isbn: 978-90-78088-48-6   ..  € 19,50  .. buy book

Attractive walks along new and old architecure and art

Following the successful publication Along Amsterdam's Waterfront more

The banks of the IJ in Amsterdam are undergoing a spectacular transformation. The developments on the South Bank have almost reached the concluding stage, while intensive building activity is taking place on the North Bank and new development are getting under way, changing the perception of the river from an industrial open waterway to the blue centre of the city.
As you cycle, sail or walk along the river banks, you come across old buildings, new ones, building sites, as well as works of art, vegetation, zones connected with the harbour activities, landscape features, monuments, catering facilities, or just locations with a special story. With more than 150 project descriptions. more
Around Amsterdam's IJ Banks - From Architecture and Art to Green and New Development Areas
Graphic Design: De Designpolitie .. 272 pages .. 21 x 13 cm .. sewn paperback.. full colour .. English .. supported by: Noordwaarts Planning Office, Stadsdeel Noord, Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam