Text/authors: Esther Agricola, Yttje Feddes, Maurits de Hoog, Vincent van Rossem, Marina Roosebeek, Jeroen Schilt, Jouke van der Werf   ..  Editors: Jouke van der Werf, Marina Roosebeek   ..  Photography: Bart Sorgedrager
isbn: 978-90-78088-42-4   ..  € 35,00  .. buy book

Text in Dutch, with English summary

• Review_De Blauwe Kamer, nr. 1 - februari 2014, p. 59_in Dutch
• Review_Ons Amsterdam, nr. 2 - February 2014, p. 45_in Dutch
• Review_Nul20, 24 okt. 2013_in Dutch more

Provides insight into the cultural historical, architectural and urbanist appreciation of the postwar suburbs of Amsterdam (elaboration of the General
Extension Plan AUP, 1935-1970).

Thematic articles, an inventory with full information on each address, and a set of topographic maps of the areas
concerned chart for the first time the close interconnection between urban plan, green, infrastructure and building. back

Atlas AUP Gebieden Amsterdam
Image editing: Hélène Hartman, Marina Roosebeek .. graphic design: Frank Beekers .. 128 pages & 5 big maps .. case 30,5 x 16,8 x 2 cm (h x w x d) .. book case with Swiss paperback .. in collaboration with Bureau Monumenten & Archeologie, Amsterdam