Text/authors: Jeroen Boomgaard, Marie-Josée Corsten, Veerle Devreese, Pascal Gielen, Bas Kwakman, Rudi Laermans, Huub van der Loo, Jan Masschelein, Sophie van Rijswijk, Maarten Simons, Camiel van Winkel   ..  Editors: Marie-Josée Corsten, Christianne Niesten, Huib Fens, Pascal Gielen
isbn: 978-90-78088-66-0   ..  € 15,00  .. buy book

Dutch only!

How best to value autonomy in the art world?

Misunderstandings and new perspectives examined more

In Autonomie als waarde [Autonomy as value: Dilemma's in art and education] theoreticians, teachers and artists research the meaning and validity of autonomy. Where does the idea of autonomy originate, and how is it applied and put to use today? This book would like to indicate what the value of autonomy is for the arts, for education and politics, and furthermore for today's society as a whole. Text in Dutch. more
Autonomie als waarde: Dilemma's in kunst en onderwijs
Graphic Design: Meeusontwerpt .. 160 pages .. 21 x 15 cm (h x w) .. paperback .. Dutch .. in cooperation with Fontys College for the Arts, Tilburg