Text/authors: Matilda McQuaid   ..  Editors: Berend Strik i.s.m. Thonik
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. In this book twelve recent photo-embroideries by Berend Strik are collected. these works are inspired by the artist's trips to Tanzania and South-Africa.  more
Dutch artist Berend Strik (1960) has worked in different disciplines over the past twenty years, ranging from sculpture and architecture to two-dimensional work. However, he is perhaps best known for the embroidered work he started making in the late eighties.
Strik bases his work on photographs – from a family archive, for instance, or books and magazines, or else or images encountered during his travels. He proceeds to stitch over these images and adds patches of fabric. Sometimes the photo is used in its entirety; sometimes several images are combined as in a collage, integrated by the embroidery. The reproducibility of the photograph is undermined by the delicate stitching, returning it to a more autonomous form. The photograph regains its originality and seems to be a mutated painting. more
Berend Strik intervenes in the meaning within an image and in the image itself. He alters the narrative, plays with historic atmospheres and art history clichés and uses autobiographical details to express something he feels is universal. back
Berend Strik, Stitches in Time
Design: Thonik.. 48pages .. 30x 22 cm .. brochure, cover with silver foil details.. English .. With Tilton Gallery, New York; Supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Consulate General New York