Text/authors: Matthijs de Boer
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Dutch only!

Considers public interiors as part of the dynamism of the city

About interactions between inside and outside, the nuances between public and private, transitional zones, the informal and unexpected, routes and meeting places

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Strictly speaking, libraries, government buildings, stations, shops and theatres are not public spaces, although we do in fact use them as if they were. A dynamic city has a number of such meeting places, out of doors as well as inside buildings. Richly illustrated with examples, Inside the City: The design and use of public interiors analyses the architecture of public interiors and the way in which they are taken up in the fabric of the city. Text in Dutch.

Matthijs de Boer is an urban planner and architect. His office works on a diverse range of design and consultancy jobs, from creating spatial visions to detailed planning of exterior spaces. He publishes regularly, among other publications in De Architectback

Binnen in de stad: Ontwerp en gebruik van publieke interieurs
Graphic Design: L5 .. 144 pages .. 24 x 20 cm (h x w) .. paperback with flaps .. Dutch .. supported by The Netherlands Architecture Fund, Multi Vastgoed, EFL Stichting