Text/authors: Daphne Pappers, Liesbeth Levy, Myriam Mihindou (kunstenaar)   ..  Editors: Daphne Pappers
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Context Without Walls is a new collaboration between art critic Daphne Pappers and Valiz, in which intercontinental contemporary art is related to philosophical, anthropological, political and art historical notions. A series of publications and events is planned, researching the position and interpretation of 'non-Western' art and artists. More information.

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'Common Skin’ is the artistic motif of Myriam Mihindou, the artist on whose work this book is centred. It is also what links the wider issues addressed in this publication. Seeing others as different, clinging to difference, blocks thinking about the value and richness of cultural diversity. The question is: what are the alternatives to alterity, what approaches and (artistic) strategies can open up the perspective towards an 'inclusive' understanding of art?

Art critic Daphne Pappers focuses on Mihindou's work like an archaeologist and lays bare different themes, step by step. She throws light on the question of an alternative view of art by combining a variety of philosophical, anthropological and literary approaches in an analysis of Mihindou's work. In continuation, philosopher Liesbeth Levy demonstrates the strength of the philosophy of dialogue of Emmanuel Levinas, which lies in a committed appeal to the encounter with the other. more

Daphne Pappers (NL, 1970) works as an independent art critic and curator. She has written for diverse (inter)national media (print and online) such as n.paradoxa, Matatu, Kunstbeeld, Museumtijdschrift and Mister Motley. As a guest curator, she has made a number of intimate presentations of contemporary and classic modern art for the Rijksakademie voor beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam. Within the framework of ‘Context Without Walls’ she curated the solo exhibition ‘Traces of Transition’ of Myriam Mihindou at Galerie Sanaa in Utrecht (2011).

Liesbeth Levy (NL, 1964) is a philosopher and the director of LOKAAL, a multipolitical debating centre in Rotterdam. She prepares a PhD on the work of Emmanuel Levinas at the Universiteit van Humanistiek, Utrecht. more

Myriam Mihindou (Gabon, 1964) is a ‘nomad' visual artist. Her work is represented by Gallery Sanaa (Utrecht, The Netherlands) and Maïa Müller Gallery (Paris, France). She participates in numerous international exhibitions, amongst which at present 'The Divine Comedy' at the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt (until July 27, 2014). back
Common Skin (Context Without Walls)
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