Text/authors: Martijn Engelbregt, Pieter Hilhorst, Brigitte van der Sande en ontelbaar veel anderen
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Dutch text only!

• an accessible, jam-packed, affordable art book – open and democratic
• with 552 artistic proposals from ‘the people’
• bureaucracy, democracy, populism, ivory towers – all these concepts become a source of playful investigation in this book

De Dienstcatalogus is a response to the project de Dienst (2004-2005), conceived by artist and graphic designer
Martijn Engelbregt.
Over the period of a year, de Dienst was busy selecting a work of art for the new building for the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament. A national appeal brought in 552 proposals for works of art, from professional artists but mainly from amateurs and lay people. The book presents all the proposals and shows how selection was made. back
Dit is Nederland, De Dienstcatalogus
Design: Martijn Engelbregt .. 224 pages .. full colour .. 29.5 x 21 cm .. paperback .. Dutch .. supported by Rijksgebouwendienst, Mondriaan Stichting, VSBfonds