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Food and urban farming as a source of spatial, social and economic renewal

With 35 inspiring examples from Western Europe, North America, Japan and Australia

In the introductory chapter, Carolyn Steele updates the themes of The Hungry City

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Farming the City goes into depth about the increasingly important phenomenon of urban farming. The book not only examines food in the city, but also the potential and possibilities for the bottom-up developments taking place in neighbourhoods. The first part consists of twenty short, forceful essays. A number of contributions sum up the chances for newly developing forms of business to create wealth locally. Social advantages are also discussed, nothing creates more neighbourly feeling after all than gardening together. Other contributions analyse small and large scale spatial planning and look into the political and policy possibilities. And finally, new and sustainable technologies are considered. more
With 35 project examples: from the transformation of empty spaces in Boston to roof terraces in New York; from the People’s Supermarket in London to cultivation in shipping containers in Rotterdam. From education to profitability and sustainable innovation.

CITIES is a platform in Amsterdam for city dwellers and developers focused on innovation. ‘Farming the City’ is a long running project within which local initiatives connect, inspire and strengthen one another. back

Farming the City: Food as a tool for today’s urbanization
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