Text/authors: Jorinde Seijdel   ..  Editors: Brigitte van der Sande   ..  Photography: 90-808185-2-6
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. a link between visual art, photography and fashion
. researches clothing behaviour and social patterns
. including numerous sources, images and notes by the artist herself, but also by others from the world of film, art, literature and philosophy
Joke Robaard (1953, NL), artist, photographer and originally trained in fashion, is interested in human relationships and networks, what brings groups together and how this manifests itself. Through clothing she illustrates how and where the connections lie and 'directs' the individuals in certain positions and patterns in relation to one another. These images are then photographed or filmed.

Joke Robaard - Folders, Suits, Pockets, Files, Stocks can be seen as a collection of half-opened boxes that show Robaard’s working method, ideas and sources. The book starts with Robaard’s most recent project and goes back to the first photo sessions in 1988. back

Joke Robaard - Folders, Suits, Pockets, Files, Stocks
Design: Jop van Bennekom .. 360 pages .. fc and bw .. 21,5 x 15 cm .. paperback .. English .. Published in cooperation with Joke Robaard and Secession, Vienna; supported by Fonds BKVB; Mondriaan Stichting; Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds; Harten Fonds Foundation