Text/authors: Sven Lütticken, Julika Rudelius
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. frank, bewildering, fascinating and irritating
. Rudelius is an expert in exposing human patterns of behaviour and neuroses
with complete transcriptions of the videos and many stills

Julika Rudelius (1968, Cologne, Germany) lives and works in Amsterdam and New York. She adopts film and theatre techniques to explore private experiences and personal motivations as they surface within the public sphere. Her work combines conventional film and television formats (such as interviews and reality TV) with experimental ways of editing, re-enactment and presentation. more

Looking at the Other contains stills from five video works, along with complete transcripts of these videos. These are preceded by an essay by Sven Lütticken analyzing Rudelius' techniques of montage and multiple projection. He examines her precise, sometimes acerbic observations of both group behaviour and individual idiosyncrasies within larger social patterns. The essay focuses on Rudelius' portrayal of the individual as a representative of the masses, as a reproduction of particular sartorial and behavioural conventions. more
Rudelius' work has been shown at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Witte de With (Rotterdam), the Frankfurter Kunstverein, the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul), the International Center of Photography (New York), the Musée d'Art Contemporaine de Lyon and Tate Modern (London).

Julika Rudelius, Looking at the Other, Five Video Works contains images and sequences from five video works, plus the integral transcripts of these video’s: more

. Train, 2001: adolescent boys about their sexual experiences
. The Highest Point, 2002: several women explain their finest way to come to an orgasm
. Tagged, 2003: young men show their love for designer clothes
. Your Blood is as Red as Mine, 2004: black people try to explain what being ‘black’ means to them
. Economic Primacy, 2005: highly successful business men about the significance of money back
Julika Rudelius, Looking at the Other, Five Video Works
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