Text/authors: Mariska van den Berg, Christophe Gallois, Andréa Picard, Tessa Giblin   ..  Editors: Mariska van den Berg, Lonnie van Brummelen, Siebren de Haan
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Films, essays, stills that examine current situations around such issues as border policy and migration

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Visual artists and filmmakers Lonnie van Brummelen (Soest, NL, 1969) and Siebren de Haan (Dordrecht, NL, 1966) investigate topical subjects such as the increasing allocation of the public domain, hardened European border policies and the dislocation that this brings with it. In essays and film installations, they map individual strategies for skirting such obstructions and barricades. At the same time, their works explore the position and meaning of art within such disrupted contexts. Their practice moves between the domains of politics, culture and the aesthetic space of the artwork. The sounding out of borders and the strategic traversal of these different areas forms the core of their activities. more
Redrawing the Boundaries is edited and introduced by Mariska van den Berg. It contains contributions by Christophe Gallois, curator at Mudam in Luxembourg; Tessa Giblin, curator at Project Arts Centre in Dublin; and Andréa Picard, programmer at Cinematheque Ontario and curator of Wavelengths for the Toronto International Film Festival. back
Redrawing the Boundaries
Graphic Design: Louis Lüthi.. 192 pages .. 24 x 17 cm .. sewn paperback .. English/Dutch.. Supported by: Fonds BKVB Mondriaan Stichting Amsterdams fonds voor de Kunst Harten fonds