Text/authors: Maria Roosen, Hanne Hagenaars, Wim van Mulders
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New publication in which ten key works show the vital and dark sides of the works made by artist Maria Roosen. The publication includes a selection of beautiful full page watercolours.

• Review_Eigen (Arnhem)_zomer 2009
• Review_NRCApril09_VrouwelijkeKunst_in Dutch
• De Volkskrant, 25.09.2009, p. 24-25_Maria Roosen over Liedeke Kruk_in Dutch more

Breasts, silver mushrooms, a melancholy fir tree, giant slippers, a water tower with a crazy red wig, pricks dangling from a string, milk jugs: these are a few of the ten works that Maria Roosen has chosen as her favourite top ten at the moment. From this subjective choice of ten works emerges a fabric of visual and textual narratives about their genesis, links with other work, pendants, associations, sources, ideas and mentality. This large book Monster connects these key works and threads with one another with a profusion of images of Roosen’s work and texts by Hanne Hagenaars and Wim Van Mulders. more
Maria Roosen (Oisterwijk, 1957) lives and works in Arnhem, makes art from very small to very big, has shown her work in various museums in the Netherlands and abroad (from Amsterdam to Bari, from Schiedam to Antwerp), works regularly on commissions for the public space, and was awarded the Wilhelmina Ring for the best sculptor in the Netherlands in 2006. more
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Maria Roosen, Monster
Graphic Design: Meeus Ontwerpt .. 56 pages .. 33 x 24 cm .. hardcover.. English/Dutch.. supported by: Fonds BKVB together with Singer Museum Laren