Text/authors: Kader Attia, Sabeth Buchmann & Judith Hopf, Diedrich Diederichsen, Tom Holert, Brian Kuan Wood, Isabell Lorey, Angela McRobbie, Peter Spillmann, Marina Vishmidt, Tirdad Zolghadr   ..  Editors: Maria Hlavajova, Tom Holert
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.Book presentation on 24 June at BAK, Utrecht
Escaping easy categorization, Marion von Osten is an artist as much as a curator, an organizer-facilitator as much as a theorist, a teacher as much as an editor. This BAK Critical Reader in Artists’ Practice reader aims to offer a critical mapping of von Osten’s work. It seeks to chart a practice that, in spite of von Osten’s undisputed influence and importance in contemporary art and knowledge production has, until now, not been surveyed and analyzed in any thorough way. The book anthologizes commissioned essays (as well as three in-depth conversations) on various aspects and fields of Von Osten’s holistic practice—one which is in essence collaborative and process-oriented—revolving around issues of feminism, economic theory, education and (post)coloniality. more
BAK Critical Readers in Artists' Practice
Parallel to BAK’s acclaimed series of Critical Readers in Contemporary Art, this publishing line examines the practice and body of work of a key international contemporary artist through a range of critical essays written by curators, art historians, theorists, critics, and artists. The readers put the focus on generating new insights into the practice of contemporary artists through in-depth critical intellectual engagement with their work across a spectrum of perspectives and critical approaches. In addition to a selection of images of the artist’s works, the material is augmented by an extensive bibliography, other background information, and an index, making each book a significant source of research and documentation on the featured artist’s work. back
Marion von Osten: Once We Were Artists
Graphic Design: Kummer & Herrman .. 16,5 x 11,5 cm (h x w) .. paperback .. English .. in collaboration with BAK, institute for the contemporary