Text/authors: Bregtje van der Haak, Chris Keulemans, Anna Tilroe, Cor Wagenaar   ..  Editors: Rutger Wolfson
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. can art provide answers to moral questions or needs?
. stimulating essays that prompt an exchange of ideas
The Netherlands is searching. A shared idea of a common future is a thing of the distant past. The influence of globalization and of other cultures and religions, as well as a series of violent attacks, make us long for symbols that give voice to what binds us. Can the arts develop symbols that express our shared values? And what might those values be? These are the questions that are addressed in Nieuwe Symbolen voor Nederland. Text in Dutch. back
Nieuwe symbolen voor Nederland
Design: Annelys de Vet .. 144 pages .. black/white .. 17 x 12 cm .. paperback .. Dutch .. In cooperation with De Vleeshal, Middelburg .. Supported by The Mondriaan Foundation