Text/authors: Galina Brieger, Kathrin Hero, Tamara Lee, Femke Lutgerink, Karl Schlögel, Astrid Vorstermans   ..  Editors: Astrid Vorstermans, Femke Lutgerink
isbn: 978-90-78088-03-6   ..  € 20,00  .. buy book

. the focus is on the exchange between Eastern and Western Europe
with work by 34 artists, 16 of them Dutch
. Best Dutch Book Design Award 2005
This autonomous publication appeared at the opening of Fifth International Art Festival in Magdeburg (2005). The Netherlands was the focus country. The book shows the work by all artists, including Dutch and describes their role in the context of the festival’s themes. It also zooms in on broader issues such as cultural identity and the East-West exchange. With an essay by the German historian Karl Schlögel (known for his Im Raume lesen wir die Zeit, Munich 2003 and other works) and a literary contribution by Kathrin Hero. back
Now, Time Travel - Tracks in the Making / Jetzt, Zeitreise - Spuren im Werden
Design: Luna Maurer .. 128 pages .. full colour .. 24 x 17 cm .. paperback .. English/German .. Supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Van Bijleveltstichting