Text/authors: Hans Ibelings, Marc Mulders   ..  Photography: Peter Cuypers
isbn: 90-78088-06-0   ..  € 33,00

Bedaux occupies a place of his own in Dutch architecture, with a focus on traditional building methods with traces of modernism with many photos, drawings, sections and plans

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Dutch architect Peer Bedaux (born in Goirle, 1940) took over the architectural firm of his father Jos Bedaux in the 1970s. Jacq de Brouwer, who runs Bureau Bedaux de Brouwer with Peer Bedaux, joined the firm ten years later. This book focuses on Peer Bedaux’s distinctive, individual designs and production. more
The individuality of Bedaux’s work lies in the balance, precision, soundness and distinguished subtlety of this architecture and in his respect for traditional construction methods, which are often regional in character. In spatial terms, the work has a certain sense of privacy, as shown by its closed-off façades and patios. Genuine, traditional materials such as brick and natural stone are also frequently used. The catchwords are: traditional construction methods with a dash of modernism, comfort and practicality.
His oeuvre consists mainly of houses and villas, small office buildings, a cultural centre, schools and small public buildings, e.g. a town hall. back
Peer Bedaux, Architect
Design: Maarten Meevis .. 192 blz .. 32 x 24 cm .. hardbound .. English-Dutch