Editors: Lokale Lente, community van wijkondernemers Amsterdam
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Pioniers in de stad [Pioneers in the city] is a Dutch-language publication on the manifold grassroots initiatives in the city of Amsterdam. These projects reflect a changing consciousness and responsibility of entrepreneurs and citizens towards their surroundings. Not only do these local cooperations influence the neighbourhoods in a constructive way, they also change the relationship between citizens, public authorities and social organizations.

The book gives a hands-on overview of many projects in the city, but also tries to give local authorities an inspiring insight on how citizens solve problems in a creative way.

Chapters with many city projects, centred around: community building; real estate and area development; activating local residents; entrepreneurial models. back

Pioniers in de stad: Wijkondernemers delen kennis en praktijk
Graphic Design: Erikenik .. 160 pages .. 24 x 17 cm (h x w) .. paperback .. Dutch .. supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, de Amsterdamse stadsdelen Nieuw-West, West, Noord, Oost en Zuidoost, woningcorporaties Ymere, Stadgenoot en Eigen Haard, Ministerie van BZK, Stichting DOEN