Text/authors: Sabine Folie, David van der Leer, Tim Nolet
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Aftermath presents various approaches and perspectives from which to explore the work of artist Rob Voerman.

Winner of Best Dutch Book Design Award 2010

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• De Volkskrant, maa 8 februari 2010, p. 23_Eén windvlaag en de boel stort in_in Dutch.pdf more

Over the last ten years, Rob Voerman has built up a large oeuvre of sculptures, installations, graphics and other work. He creates various forms of fictive architecture in which the romanticism of self-built structures opposes destruction, terror and threat. Voerman’s constructions are fashioned from ‘tattered’ materials: cardboard, salvaged wood, found objects, etc. The work hovers between apocalyptic visions and optimism about human potential. Aftermath presents various approaches and perspectives from which to explore his work. more
Sabine Folie: Director Generali Foundation, Vienna, art historian, author of many monographs, and articles or artists/art.

David van der Leer: Art and architecture historian, assistant- curator architecture Guggenheim Museum New York, explores Voerman's work from an architectural point of view.

Tim Nolet: art historian, UvA (Universiteit van Amsterdam) researches the links between technology and philosophy and Rob Voerman's work. back

Rob Voerman - Aftermath Installations, Sculptures, Works on Paper
Graphic Design: Meeus Ontwerpt.. 160 pages.. 29 x 21,5 cm .. paperback.. Dutch/English.. supported by: Fonds BKVB, Upstream Gallery