Text/authors: Hans den Hartog Jager, Jennifer Allen
isbn: 90-808185-6-9   ..  € 25,00  .. buy book

• delightful, heart-warming images by an uncompromising artist
• contains about 150 works, provides a rich picture of Roosen's work
Glass breasts, newspaper clippings of heroes, hand-knitted woollen sunflowers, penises dangling from a string, big and small watercolours, toilet pots decorated with hunting scenes, and many of the other images in Maria's reflect the artistic universe of Maria Roosen (Oisterwijk, 1957).

Salacious, soft, cheeky and abrasive, this book contains work from the last seven years, with highlights from further back, ranging from the intimate to the monumental gesture. Maria's flamboyantly expresses Roosen’s affinity with growth, life, and metamorphosis. more

Special Edition!

A hundred copies of Maria's have been signed and numbered. This special editon comes with a life-size glass carrot: Only a few left!!! The different carrots have been made by Bohemian craftsmen under precise supervision of Maria Roosen herself.
The carrots are unique. The smallest is about 14 cm and the biggest almost 20. A one of a kind work of art together with a numbered and authographed copy of Maria's for €150 back

Maria Roosen, Maria’s
Design: Wigger Bierma .. 192 pages .. full colour .. 22 x 16 cm .. hardbound .. English/French/Dutch .. supported by Fonds BKVB, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Harten Stichting, Provincie Gelderland