The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg
Coen Sligting Bookimport, Amsterdam
tel (+31) 020-673 22 80
fax (+31-) 020-664 00 47

And availability via Centraal Boekhuis, Culemborg
tel (+31) 0345-475 822

Europa*, Asia and Australië
Idea Books, Amsterdam
tel (+31) 020-622 61 54
fax (+31) 020-620 92 99
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Representatives for Idea Books:
. Kerstin Heyen (Germany & Austria)
. Sébastien Richard (France & Switzerland)
. Jozef Portelli (Southern Europe)
. Anna Eriksson (Scandinavia)
. Sandra Luís (Eastern Europe & Middle East)
. Julie Onishi (Japan & Far East)
. Perimeter Distribution (Australia)

United Kingdom and Ireland
Anagram Books, London
www.anagrambooks.com| more

DAP, New York
tel (+1) 212-627 19 99
fax (+1) 212-627 94 84

Valiz books can be ordered via this website (see shopping cart per title). Via its distributors or at your bookshop.
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Since January 1st 2012, Valiz and Trancity have been working together closely. Both publishers find each other in a shared idea about the function of publications. Our books offer critical reflections, create interdisciplinary inspiration and create links between cultural disciplines and social economic questions. We publish these books with great personal involvement in the content, the social questions, the authors, the designers and the artists. Trancity creates and organizes books and events about the city, urban development and the public sphere. Valiz specializes in contemporary art, art theory, design and architecture. We want our books to be purposeful and beneficial for different audiences.

Simon Franke (Trancity) sfranke@trancity.nl - 023-5324144
Astrid Vorstermans (Valiz) astrid@valiz.nl - 020-6764144 back

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