Text/authors: Mariska van den Berg
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[How City Dwellers Change the City: On New Urban Collectives] explores small-scale initiatives of residents, activists, artists, architects and other citizens who intervene in the public space according to their own views. These initiatives range from spatial interventions - building a pavilion or laying out a communal vegetable garden - to programmes that make using the public space and being there attractive. The author studied some thirty examples in the Netherlands and abroad and interviewed the initiators about their motives, how they realize their plans and asked about their ideas on the city and its public function. Tekst in Dutch more
Mariska van den Berg's background is in visual art and public space. She has a broad experience in both general and artistic projects that intervene in the public space.

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Stedelingen veranderen de stad: Over nieuwe collectieven, publiek domein en transitie
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