Text/authors: Wouter Davidts
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On the complex relationship between art, architecture and museums
-Reflects on the architecture of museums built over the past fice decades
Wouter Davidts investigates the connection between architecture, the museum as an institution, the museum programme and art. The museum architecture is deployed in a variety of different ways: as an autonomous icon, as a flexible ‘shed’, as a PR instrument, as a memory machine, as a stimulus to urban renewal, as a landscape theme, as a political trump card, as a storage depot for artefacts, as an artist's working place, etc. With many case studies: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Centre Pompidou, Tate Modern, etc. more
vis-à-vis series
The vis-à-vis series provides a platform to stimulating and relevant subjects in recent and emerging visual arts, architecture and design. The authors relate to history and art history, to other authors, to recent topics and to the reader. Most are academic researchers. What binds them is a visual way of thinking, an undaunted treatment of the subject matter and a skillful, creative style of writing. Series design by Sam de Groot. Formerly published: Sophie Berrebi, The Shape of Evidence, and Janneke Wesseling, Of Sponge, Stone and the Intertwinement with the Here and Now back
Triple Bond — Essays on Art, Architecture and Museums
vis-à-vis series .. Graphic design: Sam de Groot .. 264 pp. .. English