Text/authors: Ank Leeuw Marcar
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. Sandberg in his own words
.On art, artists, typography, the museum, society, the Resistance, the Russian Revolution, Bauhaus, art criticism, architecture
. Including the complete series of the New Year’s Wishes designed by Sandberg (1947-1962) in colour
With uncommon creativity and in close cooperation with artists and architects, museum director Willem Sandberg (1897–1984) transformed the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum after the Second World War into a dynamic centre for modern and in particular innovative art and culture. This book is based on interviews with Sandberg (from 1971 and 1981) and offers first-hand insight into his ideas and work. Text in Dutch. back
Willem Sandberg, Portret van een kunstenaar
Design: Louis Lüthi .. 360 blz ..18 x 11 cm .. paperback .. Dutch