Text/authors: Dominic van den Boogerd, Xander Karskens, Julia van Ooststroom
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. impressive, effective work influenced by every-day images
. a book whose richness comes from the kaleidoscopic use of image and a variety of reflective essays (art history, legal issues, association)
Penumbra presents paintings and drawings by Sara van der Heide (Busan, South Korea, 1977). This colourful, layered work shows images from the ‘between world’ of dream and reality: appearances, visions, chimeras, but also contemporary images of, for example, individuals, processions and modern-day icons. more
With their impressive visual power, these paintings and drawings evoke associations with images from the subconscious, with distant memories and with the work of other artists. Even though she bases her concepts on ‘found’ images, often newspaper cuttings, archive material or photos she has taken, most of the paintings still have a sense of absence about them, as though the pictures have come from another, mysterious world and landed on the canvas. back
Sara van der Heide, Penumbra. Paintings and Drawings
Design: Roosje Klap .. 128 blz .. fc ..16,5 x 12 cm .. hardbound .. English/Dutch .. Supported by Gallery Fons Welters; Kustera Tilton Gallery; Mondriaan Foundation