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- Meet Valiz at The Hague's newest Art Book Festival: The Other Book
- Get to know us and our (latest) books and projects 

What: The Other Book - Art Book Festival 2019 
When: 29 November - 1 December 2019 
Where: Various locations throughout The Hague
Organisation:The Other Book 
Language: English 
Admission: Free

This first edition of the new biennial festival The Other Book promises to be a unique celebration of the art book. Apart from being an art book fair, The Other Book hosts exhibitions, workshops, lectures, presentations, demonstrations, films and performances at various locations. Each edition of this festival will focus on a certain type of 'other book'. The first edition of The Other Book (November 29 - December 1, 2019) is entirely devoted to the Riso revolution: art books produced with Risograph and Mimeograph stencil duplicators.

The Other Book is a non-profit initiative, free and open to the public. The festival aims to increase the visibility of art books and artist publications: books that are published independently or with the help of graphic techniques. It distinguishes itself from other book festivals by embracing the art book as a democratic work of art and exploring contemporary publishing as an artistic practice. Over the course of three days, The Other Book offers a platform for artists, publishers, printrooms, collectives, art libraries, collectors and book lovers. The extensive program examines artistic practices, conceptual publications and the seemingly endless possibilities of the art book. Valiz is really looking forward to this first edition. We hope to meet many of you during this weekend in The Hague!