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Wicked Kunsteducatie

Creatieve programma’s ontwerpen

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  • Forthcoming: expected November 2024. You can pre-order this book in our webshop. Once the book is ready, we will dispatch your order.

Authors: Melissa Bremmer, Emiel Heijnen, Folkert Haanstra

Co-editor: Sanne Kersten

Design: Laura Pappa

November 2024, Valiz supported by Amsterdam University of the Arts | Pb | 192 pp. | 22 x 15 cm (h x w) | Dutch | ISBN 978-94-93246-39-3 | € 22,50

Wicked Kunsteducatie helps you to design exciting arts educational programmes from scratch. These arts programmes make a meaningful connection between the culture of the student, the arts, and society. We have tested our arts educational design strategies around the world and found that they challenge arts educators to explore curriculum ideas collectively, creatively and productively.

In a time of individualization and polarization, we believe in the power of learning collectively about, in, and through the arts. Although Wicked Kunsteducatie can be used to create personalized learning trajectories, it advocates building learning communities in which students and teachers share interests, expertise, and opinions.

Wicked Kunsteducatie can be used in a variety of educational contexts: from primary to higher education, and for arts curricula inside and beyond schools. The term ‘arts’ underlines that this workbook is suitable for the visual arts, music, dance, theatre, film or design, but also for designing interdisciplinary arts projects and courses. So, whether you are an arts teacher, an artist, or a curriculum designer, or if you want to set up a single lesson or a complete arts curriculum, this book is for you!