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Hackers & Designers Summer Talks - part 1 - Connecting Otherwise

16 juli 2022, Amsterdam

  • Lezingen, performances en boekpresentatie van onze gloednieuwe publicatie Making Matters
  • Met presentaties van vele bijdragende auteurs over het ontwerp van het boek, gevolgd door Q&A's 
  • N.B.: Dit evenement vindt plaats in het Engels

Wat: Boekpresentatie van Making Matters
Met: Pernilla Manjula Philip
(Hackers & Designers), Loes Bogers (Hackers & Designers), Cristina Cochior (varia), Julie Boschat-Thorez (varia), Anja Groten (Hackers & Designers), Elaine W. Ho (Display Distribute) and Florian Cramer (Willem de Kooning Academy)
Wanneer: Zaterdag, 16 juli 2022, 18.30–22.00 uur
Waar: Framer Framed, Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71, 1093 KS Amsterdam
Voertaal: Engels
Georganiseerd door: Hackers & Designers
€5,- Boek hier je ticket


  • 18:30 inloop
  • 19:00 Inleiding door H&D
  • 19:15 SolarPunk, lezing door Pernilla Manjula Philip and Loes Bogers (Hackers & Designers)
  • 19:45 VLTK, lezing door Cristina Cochior and Julie Boschat-Thorez (varia)
  • pauze
  • 20:30 Boekpresentatie van Making Matters – A Vocabulary of Collective Arts met Anja Groten (Hackers & Designers), Elaine W. Ho (Display Distribute), die online zullen deelnemen, en Florian Cramer
  • 21:00 Internet: the Musical, performance door Question Collective
  • 22:00 Einde

Alle interventies worden gevolgd door een Q&A

Join us for a public programme at Framer Framed with talks and performances by Hackers & Designers, Display Distribute, Varia, and Question Collective. During this evening we will dive into the theme of this year's Hackers & Designers Summer Academy: 'Connecting Otherwise' through the different lenses of the invited guests.

Living in a global pandemic for the last two years has made apparent how our internet use impacts our co-habitation with each other – other humans, other species – in social, material and psychological ways. The evolving monoculture of the handful of companies that mediate our online connectivity, as well as their pervasiveness and extractivist nature, has created a condition in which it is difficult to imagine alternative, affective, and sustainable ways of coexisting and connecting online.

Within the theme of 'Connecting Otherwise': we will explore the intersections of accessibility and sustainability of hybrid cultural work and techno-social life—the cultural, economical, ecological, and geographical implications of our increasingly complex entanglements with technology.

This year's summer academy will be facilitated and co-constructed with collectives that work in their respective local environments at the intersection of art, design and technology, environmental, queer, trans* and disability justice, free/libre/open source software development, and radical pedagogies. Together, we invite participants to join us in questioning, reimagining and putting into practice other conscious, creative, and response-able ways of working, creating, and co-existing online.

The event will be (audio) broadcast live and documented by echo radio.

Access notes
For all participants: The event will be held in English. If you have any access needs that are not addressed on this page, especially something that might need to be communicated in advance to everyone, for instance with regards to social distancing or other health-related measures, please let us know via email. Tell us what you need to participate. We wish to reduce barriers!

The price of the event is €5 but in case you would like to participate but can't pay this amount, write us an email.

For participants joining onsite: the event takes place at Framer Framed, which can be accessed via a 5 minute walk from tram/bus stop Ostpoort and a 7 minute walk from train station Muiderpoort (both walks have very small changes in elevation). We will host the event on the ground floor and the WC is wheelchair accessible and gender neutral. Measurements of the entrance door is 104 cm (when double doors are open: 210cm) height 265 cm with a theshold of 2 cm. The toilet door is wide: 87 cm, high: 228 cm with theshold of 1 cm. Chairs with backs are available. Movement, taking breaks etc. are welcome. There is space to store walkers, canes etc. Please come with no or low scent. This part of the building is spacious and well ventilated. It will also be hosting the exhibition "The Silence of Tired Tongues", who's audio and video output can be turned off upon request. There will be a photographer on location; so if you prefer not to be included in photographs, please inform the moderator or email us in advance. Automated (English) closed captions will be available on a display in the space. We are expecting approximately 30 people in a space that can host 50. We will provide simple refreshments such as water and tea. Framer Framed will be selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages after the program is over.

Graphic Design by Manon Bachelier

This event is made possible with the generous support of Stimuleringsfonds and AFK.