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'Let's Become Fungal!' in Los Angeles

  • A full week of Let's Become Fungal!-related activies in Los Angeles! 
  • This Spring, writer and curator Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodríguez is spending time with Active Cultures to germinate a mycelial network between different ecological art practices in Los Angeles and beyond. 

What: Let's Become Fungal!
When: Monday 29 April–Sunday May 5, 2024
Where: Arlington Garden, The Garden at 1911 7th Ave and West Washington Blvd
Organised by: Active Cultures 
Language: English 
Admission: free, see this page for various registration links.

Long invested in fungi and mycelium as a material––the ever-branching connecting threads of the fungal world––Ostendorf-Rodríguez invests in the potential in these rhizomatic networks to function as a potent metaphor for potential new systems, ways of thinking and behaviors. Inspired by the worlds of art and mycology, her work emphasizes multispecies collaboration, symbiosis, alliances, non-monetary resource exchange, decentralization, bottom-up methods and mutual dependency­—all in line with the behavior of the mycelium. 

A week-long program of public activities and encounters will be the beginning of a long-term collaboration, strengthening ties and forming a support network of mutual exchange. We begin with artist David Horvitz, in conversation, digging, gardening, cooking, and more in his Garden.

Spring Programs

Monday April 29th
Mycelial sharing with Exploring the Mycoverse
Arlington Garden

Join Yasmine and community group Exploring the Mycoverse for a guided meditation and workshop in Arlington Garden in Pasadena. Find them here!

Register here.

Tuesday, April 30 

Talk at NeueHouse Los Angeles 

Thursday, May 2
Volunteer Gardening Day at The Garden
1911 7th Ave and West Washington Blvd

In a vacant lot next to his studio where a house had burned down, artist David Horvitz and landscape architects TERREMOTO began designing a garden. Hosting exhibitions, performance, readings, gatherings, and more, David calls it “… a garden of additions, of stories. Memories. Futures. The flotsam and jetsam of all things. A design always in progress and un-designing itself.” All are welcome to join us for a day of gardening with David, Terremoto, Yasmine, and Active Cultures. We will dig a hole and look for clay in the soil. 

Registration is free, all are welcome (snacks and water provided). 

Sunday, May 5
Let’s Become Fungal in The Garden
1911 7th Ave and West Washington Blvd

Join us for a regenerative barbeque in David Horvitz’s Garden. Together we will make mushroom skewers and test the ground oven, share a no waste lunch, feed the garden with oyster shells, and talk ravens and crows.

That afternoon, Artbook at Hauser & Wirth LA meets us in The Garden to celebrate Let’s Become Fungal! with a book-signing, readings, and more.

Registration is free, all are welcome.

photo: The Garden, courtesy of Terremoto and David Horvitz.