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Book launch 'Neighbourhoods of the Future'

25 November 2020, online

— Book launch of Neighbourhoods for the Future
— Linking sustainability to social cohesion at the level of the neighbourhood. Which qualities does the neighborhood need and how do we achieve them?

When: Wednesday 25 november, 20:30 (CET)
Where: Access to the online live stream of Pakhuis de Zwijger here
Organisation: Pakhuis de Zwijger in collaboration with TrancityxValiz, Utrecht University, Ministry of the InterioMinistry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.
Admission: Join the live broadcast of the event for free, there is a limited amount of tickets available to join the live event, also see the website of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Climate change will change the face of the city. We must learn to deal with the negative effects of CO2 emissions, peak showers or persistent drought. Can we create better cities in addition to climate-proof cities? The book Neighborhoods for the Future explores options for better cities. The focus is on neighborhood level, the measure between home and city, between intimacy and anonymity. In the program we take the book as a basis and show, among other things, international examples of inspiring neighborhoods of the future. Two concepts are central here: the neighborhood ecology (the quality of the neighborhood) and the neighborhood arrangement (the chance of a successful transformation). How do we transform the urban environment? How do we link sustainability to social cohesion?

With Maarten Hajer (Professor Urban Futures, UU), Elfi de Wit (Head of Area advice, Sweco), Freek van Riet (Urban Planner, Must), Anne Seghers (Researcher and Projectleader, Ruimtevolk) en Marco Broekman (Architect and urban planner, BURA urbanism).

The program is prompted by the publication of the book Neighbourhoods for the Future: A Plea for Social and Ecologial Urbanism. The program is in Dutch.