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Book launch | The Art of Civil Action

14 November 2017 at deSingel, Antwerp (BE)

The Art of Civil Action, a new title in the Antennae-Arts in Society Series, investigates how artists and cultural workers help build the civil domain. The book will be launched in Antwerp, with a lecture by Pascal Gielen and a book presentation with Gielen and Philipp Dietachmair.

Where: Integrated Art & Design Conference
deSingel, Antwerp
When: 14 November 2017
Lecture: 10:00–10:45 am
Book presentation: 11:30 am
With: Philipp Dietachmair, Pascal Gielen, Recetas Urbanas
Entrance: ticket to the conference

In his lecture, Pascal Gielen will articulate how artists help build civil space, and how their activities often take place in the grey zone between creativity and criminality. This grey zone, a space that is not yet regulated by laws or markets, is not just one of the main themes in the book, but also this year’s theme of the Integrated Conference: 'Between Creativity and Criminality'. Gielen will give different examples of how artists negotiate and find space to manoeuvre in this domain. He will focus specifically on Spanish architecture studio Recetas Urbanas—also present both in the book and at the conference—whose radical build-it-yourself techniques often challenge the borders of legality.

At 11:30, the book will be festively presented by the editors Pascal Gielen and Philipp Dietachmair.

Metahaven, graphic designers of the Antennae-Arts in Society Series of which the book is part, will also be present at the conference and will give a lecture on their recent design, art, and moving image projects on the second day: 15 November, 18:30–19:15.