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CAPS LOCK: winner of Dutch Design Awards 2022

Winners announced 27 October 2022, Eindhoven

  • CAPS LOCK has been awarded a Dutch Design Awards (DDA) 2022, a leading competition in the recognition of excellent Dutch design 

What: CAPS LOCK has been awarded a Dutch Design Award in the 'Communication' category
When: Exhibition of all nominees and winners will take place during Dutch Design Week, 22–30 October 2022
Organised by: Dutch Design Awards
Language: English and Dutch

 ‘With CAPS LOCK, Ruben Pater has succeeded in making an unmistakeable statement about the communication profession on a global scale’

— The expert jury

The project
Using clear language and many visual examples, CAPS LOCK shows how capitalism and graphic design are inextricably linked. Author and designer Ruben Pater uses practical examples and various design roles that unravel the link between market forces and design. CAPS LOCK argues that capitalism would not exist without, for example, the bank notes, documents, interfaces, branding and advertising that we use on a daily basis; all (partly) brought to life by graphic designers. The result, according to Pater, is that design is enclosed within a system of exploitation and profit, a cycle that further fuels inequality and the depletion of human and natural resources. The book presents contrasts to this, with six radical design initiatives.⁣

⁣The jury:
With CAPS LOCK, Ruben Pater has succeeded in making an unmistakable statement about the communication profession on a global scale. CAPS LOCK unravels the systems behind communication design that drive economic growth, and harm society and the planet. It is admirable that he seemingly effortlessly takes on the roles of both investigative designer and that of interviewer, author, editor and curator. With beautiful execution and a clear layout. An impressive publication that, with an air of activism, questions the status quo and challenges the future of communication. CAPS LOCK is mandatory reading for all (graphic) design students, but certainly also for experienced designers and professional colleagues.⁣

The Dutch design community is invited every year to submit its best work for a Dutch Design Award. Juries of independent experts select three nominations per category, based on the open submissions and scouted work. An eight-piece main jury then selects the winner of each category.

Award Show and exhibition
The very best creations from the last year of Dutch design are celebrated with a varied programme during the Award Show. The work of all winners and nominees can be seen during Dutch Design Week (DDW) in a nine-day exhibition. This tells the stories behind the designs, places the works in their social-cultural context and thus clarifies the impact and meaning of the designs. Visitors can vote for their favourite design at the exhibition. The design with the most votes will be awarded the Public Award at the end of DDW.