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Event with Mieke Gerritzen and Help Your Self!

24 November 2020, online

  • On Tuesday November 24, Mieke Gerritzen was a guest at the event Design Digger LIVE
  • You can watch the inspiring conversation on the book Help Your Self! and self design online.

What: online event
When: Tuesday 24 november 2020 / recording is available online
Where: online, Pakhuis de Zwijger
Organisation: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Design Digger, Jeroen Junte

The fifth edition of Design Digger LIVE, the live magazine version of Design Digger took place on Tuesday November 24, 2020. Design Digger is a Dutch online platform about design, sharp interviews and weekly updates on new products and innovative interiors, curated by design journalist Jeroen Junte. This fifth edition was all about Ego design, The do-it-yourself design of our identity and emotions.

Mieke Gerritzen is the author of the book Help Your Self!, the first publication on self design. In this inspiration book you will find tips to design your perfect self and show you how to get started. At the same time, it reflects on the self-help industry as a relatively new phenomenon. Mieke is a designer, producer and founder of The Image Society. She initiates and organizes discussions, exhibitions and events with designers, writers and artists about visual culture, design and digital culture. This month, the exhibition The Self Design Academy , which Mieke put together with MU director Angelique Spaninks, was on display at the MU Hybrid Art House art center.