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Exhibition | MONOCULTURE: A Recent History

25 September 2020—24 April 2021 at M HKA in Antwerp

  • exhibition exploring the concept Monoculture, curated by Nav Haq
  • The exhibition coincides with the release of the newest addition to the Valiz Antennae-Arts in society series: 'The Aesthetics of Ambiguity: Understanding and Addressing Monoculture'

What: Exhibition
When: 25 September 2020 until 24 April 2021
Where: M HKA, Leuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen, België
Organisation: M HKA
Language: English and Dutch
Admission: Tickets are available through the website of M HKA. It is necessary to book a time slot here

The exhibition MONOCULTURE – A Recent History begins from the principle that any understanding of ‘multiculture’, should necessitate an investigation of ‘monoculture’. The societal understanding of monoculture can be defined as the homogeneous expression of the culture of a single social or ethnic group. The project seeks to approach the notion of monoculture with an open mind. It will thus aim for an analysis of, rather than an antithesis to, monoculture, approaching it not only from historical, social, cultural and ideological perspectives, but also philosophical, linguistic and agricultural ones. MONOCULTURE will provide a tentative mapping, allowing for a comparative analysis of different manifestations of monoculture, as well as their reflections in art and propaganda, seeking to draw some conclusions that might be relevant for society and culture at large.

Parallel to the opening of the exhibiton, the newest addition to the Valiz Antennae–Arts in Society series has appeared:The Aesthetics of Ambiguity – Understanding and Addressing Monoculture, co-edited by Pascal Gielen and M HKA curator Nav Haq.

Gielen is editor of the Antennae-Arts in Society book series, which is published by Valiz, find more information on the series here: Valiz:

MONOCULTURE – A Recent History has been developed in context of the research programme 'Our Many Europes', a project initiated by 'L'Internationale', a confederation of museums across Europe, subsidised by the European Union.