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Interview with Astrid Vorstermans about Valiz, and architecture and design publishing

  • Read the interview with Astrid Vorstermans by Marc Lemain
  • Astrid is an art historian, editor, and publisher. She founded Valiz in 2003.
  • The interview was conducted within the context of Lamains MA thesis in bookhistory: ‘De Nederlandse architectuur- en designuitgever’ (2020) (Dutch architecture- and design publishers) in which he traces the developments in this field from 1983 onwards.
  • The interview was conducted on 13 August 2020.

The interview is now available online, as it is published at the website of the Dutch foundation on Design History. Design History NL is the website of the Dutch foundation that encourages research and publications about design history. The foundation also organizes meetings, lectures, conferences and other activities for participants: design historians, authors and those who are interested in the subject.