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Interview with Michael Kaether on 'Social matter, social design'

In this episode of 'Bevel' Peter Sobchak speaks with Michael Kaethler, a sociologist of design whose work focuses on the transmission, production and embodiment of knowledge in art and design-oriented practices, and a co-editor of this new book.

'Social matter, social design' contains a rich collection of essays that explore connections and assumptions about design and challenge designers to develop a more nuanced and complex understanding of how the social is intertwined with the material aspect of design. 'Social matter, social design' questions the way in which we look at, think about and deal with the social fabric, based on materiality and making. How do material aspects (and the designed world) influence our social constructs, and vice versa. This way of looking provides insight into the complex and uncertain contexts designers work in and offers perspective to reflect on how design practices influence the future of living and working together.

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