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Masterclass Ruben Pater: visual storytelling for the people by the people

What: Masterclass 'visual storytelling' 
With: Ruben Pater
Where: online
When: Thursday, September 29, 8:00 PM (CEST) in Latin America is noon (CEST-4 to CEST-6)
Hosted by: Latinográficas
Admission: Free, sign up via: The number of places is limited

⁣Visual storytelling by the people and for the people: in this masterclass, designer, researcher and author Ruben Pater will tell more about how 'visual storytelling' and capitalism and consumption are connected. ⁣Ruben Pater is a researcher and designer who creates visual stories about geopolitical issues as 'Untold Stories'. His books  'The Politics of Design' and 'CAPS LOCK' are worldwide hits.