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On/Off Design: Valiz 'How to Work Better'

  • Presentation by Astrid Vorstermans
  • Get to know more about the 'what's and why's' of Valiz

What: Presentation 'How to Work Better' part of lecture programme On/Off Design 
When: 17 april 2024, 19.00h.
Where: Hochschule Düsseldorf, Peter Behrens School of Arts, Gebäude 6, Atrium
Organisation: Hochschule Düsseldorf, Peter Behrens School of Arts
Language: English/German
Admission: Free

The inaugural edition of the On/Off Design lecture series at the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf is a talk by Astrid Vorstermans, founder and director of Valiz. Entitled 'How to Work Better', this evening revolves around answering questions such as 'What am I doing, why and for whom?' Important considerations for designers and publishers alike. This talk provides some insight into the 'why' and 'what' of working at Valiz, ranging from the day to day as well as planning for the future: how do you develop a program, how do you relate to other makers (designers, authors, etc. ) and how do you connect with your readers/community? With many examples, published books and concrete material to exchange about.

Host: Daniel Seemayer