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Talk by Ruben Pater at Superfuture Design Festival

25 June 2022, Hannover

  • An international Design Festival focusing on how the future can be shaped by design
  • Ruben Pater will be one of the speakers at this edition of the festival 

What: Superfuture Design Festival 
When: 24 June 2022 — 03 Juli 2022, talk by Ruben Pater on 25 June, 
Where: Hafven, Kopernikusstraße 14, 30167 Hannover, Germany
Organised by:
Language: English / German, Ruben's talk will be held in English 
Admission: tickets are available via: (limited amount of seats 

"The world is changing. The future can be shaped.”
At the one-week Superfuture Design Festival, ideas about the »future« can be exchanged together and across disciplines. Expect exciting perspectives from local and international designers from a wide spectrum of the design world.

Superfuture wishes to give an impetus for an examination of the current and future responsibility of design, a space to convey progressive approaches, discuss possibilities, make them visible and actively participate in the development towards a more environmentally friendly future.
This year Superfuture focuses on the topic: "Design in a natural world: What does it mean to design regeneratively?" 

As part of this festival Ruben Pater will give a talk on June 25th on "CAPS LOCK: why we need less commerce and competition in design, and more commons and care" 

The talk will be held in English.