The Future of Culture is Common - Conference

1, 2 & 3 June 2022, Antwerp

  • A conference on Commoning Cultural Activism, Aesthetics, Organization and Policy, with keynotes, workshops and multiple events organized by Valiz in the Fringe Space!
  • Valiz will organize events related to our publications: CAPS LOCK, operatie wooncooperatie and Fragility/Kwetsbaarheid 
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What: The Future of Culture is Common - Conference
When: 1—3 June 2022
Where: Antwerp
Organised by: CCQO with Antwerp University 
Language: English
Admission: €20 to €35 per day for regular visitors €10 to €15 per day for students. (Visiting the full conference is €90,- for a regular visitor, €40,- for a student) 

This 3-day conference investigates the many ways in which commons shape culture, and, vice-versa, how culture shape the commons. The conference is structured on the basis of four thematic clusters: ACTIVISM, POLICY, COMMONS ORGANIZATION and AESTHETICS. Combining lectures with debates, workshops and artistic presentations, the conference is aimed at scholars as well as policymakers, activists, artists, cultural professionals and students who want to work with and in (culture) commons. 

Keynotes by: Friederike Landau-Donnelly, Pascal Gielen, Manuela Zechner, Oli Mould

Valiz will host a few events in the Fringe Space of the conference, related to our titles: CAPS LOCK, operatie wooncoöperatie and Fragility/Kwetsbaarheid.

The Fringe Space is an open space where people can go, chat, listen to short presentations in a relaxed way, exchange thoughts on the conference and gather inspiration. A side section to the main programme, where participants can see practices of “commons” mindsets! We hope to meet you there!