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At Home

Heren 5 architects

Out of print

  • Portraits of residents offer insights into the relationship between architecture and ‘living’; about feeling at home, feeling safe and different lifestyles
  • With superb, striking photographic portraits, and drawings, maps, and pictures of projects

Concept: Kees Hummel, Arjan van Veelen, Heren 5 architecten, Wilma Kempinga
Editors: Wilma Kempinga, Heren 5 architecten, Haico Beukers, Astrid Vorstermans
Contributors: Hans van der Beek (interviews), Kees Hummel & Arjan van Veelen (fotografie)
Design: Beukers Scholma

2005, Valiz | supported by Netherlands Architecture Fund | hardcover | 176 pp. | 17 x 24 cm (h x w) | Dutch, English | ISBN 978-90-808185-5-0

‘The architect who designs houses has a significant impact on the life and the “home” of the occupants’, according to Heren 5 architects. That is why the main characters in this book are the residents of their housing projects. In seven striking portraits they talk about their aspirations for their living environments and give their opinions on the architects’ ideas and plans. For their part, Heren 5 architects explain how they explore that feeling of being ‘at home’ and use it as inspiration during the design process. At Home – Thuis, with its well-written and beautifully photographed portraits of the residents, offers and almost incidental insight into what architecture can and cannot do. Alongside the portraits, the book also includes documentation about the projects concerned and a selection of other work. The result is an extraordinary architecture book that offers both experts and non-experts an insight into the relationship between ‘house’ and ‘home’.