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Atlas Nieuwe Steden

De verstedelijking van de groeikernen

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  • Elaborates on the development of 'new Dutch cities' from 1970 onwards

Authors: Arnold Reijndorp, Like Bijlsma, Ivan Nio
Editor: Olof Koekebakker
Contributor: Theo Baart (photography)
Design: Coppens Alberts

2012, trancityxvaliz with International New Town Institute | supported by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Netherlands Architecture Fund, SNS REAAL Fonds | paperback | 359 pp. | 23 x 17 cm (h x w) | Dutch | ISBN 978-90-78088-62-2

Quiet living near nature, close to urban facilities such as hospitals, schools, employment and cultural opportunities. Those were the starting points for the new cities that were built in the Netherlands from 1970 onwards. The richly illustrated Atlas Nieuwe Steden [Atlas of New Cities] gives an overview of their genesis, present situation and the plans for the future.