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Compendium for the Civic Economy

What our cities, towns and neighbourhoods should learn from 25 trailblazers

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  • How the civic economy changes society
  • Twenty-five trailblazers, from Europe and the United States, show the potential of local and social enterprises

Authors: Architecture 00
Contributors: Timothy Ahrensbach, Joost Beunderman, Alice Fung, Indy Johar, Joni Steiner
Design: Mimmo Cangiano Belcuore

2012, trancityxvaliz | supported by Nesta, CABE | paperback | 196 pp. | 22,5 x 17 cm (h x w) | English | ISBN 978-90-78088-00-4


  • Read here the review on Compendium for the Civic Economy in S+RO (June 2012)

The civic economy is a real, vital and growing part of the development of cities, towns and neighbourhoods. This book aims to deepen understanding of this economy, by looking at examples from the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. The 25 case studies in show that the civic economy actively contributes to community resilience, everyday innovation and shared prosperity. They also reveal how local leaders can create the fertile ground for the civic economy to flourish and grow. Most importantly, the remarkable achievements of these 25 trailblazers show why we need to get better at understanding and recognising the role of civic entrepreneurship and enable it to turn ideas into action and impact.
Compendium for the Civic Economy is an essential handbook for the understanding and establishment of socially-driven local economic enterprise. Released in a limited edition in 2011, the publication immediately sold out. This second edition includes an extended introduction on what has happened since then.

Architecture 00 is a London-based studio combining skills in urban design and architecture with a detailed understanding of innovative, engaging and collaborative processes.