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Author: Arnold Reijndorp
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Series: Stadsessays

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2019, trancityxvaliz | paperback | 135 pp. | 13,5 x 21 cm (w x h) | Dutch | ISBN 978-94-92095-82-4

Arnold Reijndorp, as an endowed professor of socio-economic and spatial developments in new urban areas, spent more than ten years working intensively on the New City together with staff and students. Previous publications of Arnold Reijndorp in collaboration with others are: Buitenwijk. Stedelijkheid op afstand, De alledaagse en de geplande stad, Op zoek naar nieuw publiek domein, Atlas Nieuwe Steden and Nieuw-West: parkstad of stadswijk.

In the second half of the last century, new cities developed throughout Europe. Also in the Netherlands, on the old land and in the new polders. Examples are Zoetermeer, Lelystad, Nieuwegein, Spijkenisse, Almere and Houten. In fifty years they grew into medium-sized cities. Compared with the old cities of that size, they have just come to see. They are still a new and almost unprecedented phenomenon. Are they actually cities? Or a collection of neighborhoods and villages? Are they urban or actually more suburban? Or both? What are the problems associated with growth? And how do you deal with that? What do they want to be? And who wants that, the residents, the municipality, developers? There was a plan for the new cities, but there was no instructions for use. This essay is an attempt to provide it.

By deepening and bringing together social and spatial developments, this manual is not only relevant for the administrators and residents of the New City, but for everyone involved in shaping urban life, from every conceivable perspective.