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Highrise - Common Ground

Art and the Amsterdam Zuidas Area

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  • How art can be an inseperable aspect of urban development
  • Explores the relationship between urban planning, art and the design of social spaces
  • Award Dutch Best Book Designs 2008

Editor: Jeroen Boomgaard
Contributors: BAVO, Jeroen Boomgaard, Gerard Drosterij, Renée Kool, Stan Majoor, Chantal Mouffe, Orgacom/Quintus Masius, Roemer van Toorn, Paul Toornend/Jelle Post, Daniel van der Velden, Barbara Visser, Henk de Vroom, Joost Zonneveld
Design: Anette Tibud

2008, Valiz with Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Research Group Art and Public Space) | supported by Universiteit van Amsterdam, SKOR, Virtueel Museum Zuidas | paperback | 384 pp. | 19 x 12 cm (h x w) | English | ISBN 978-90-78088-18-9

Table of contents (pdf)

The Amsterdam Zuidas is an area where a new urban centre with office space, residential property and many other facilities is under construction. The development has high ambitions, in which art plays an important role. The approach of the Zuidas Virtual Museum is to aim for so-called ‘co-construction’, a process in which the creation of art projects is directly connected to the urban development and is not merely a later addition. Highrise – Common Ground critically reflects on a variety of aspects relating to art and the planned development of the Zuidas, closely scrutinising the Zuidas proposals. How do the ambitions of the urban planners develop in conjunction with the artistic approach? How do the art projects influence the experience and use of public space? The book also features various practical and theoretical contributions from artists, such as Orgacom, Barbara Visser, Renée Kool, Paul Toornend and Daniël van der Velden/Logo Parc.