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Pioniers in de stad

Wijkondernemers delen kennis en praktijk

  • 24 grassroots initiatives show what local entrepreneurs do, what they realize, what they learn and what obstacles they have to overcome
  • Dutch language only, out of print

Authors: Marga Verheije, Marieke Mitelmeijer, Emilie van Steen, Lara Geeurickx
Editors: Lokale Lente, Ramon Schleijpen, Loes Laetemia
Contributors: Jan Rotmans, Nies Medema, Achmed Baâdoud, Jurgen van der Heijden, Joost Beunderman
Design: Erikenik

2014, trancityxvaliz | supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdam districts Nieuw-West, West, Noord, Oost en Zuidoost, Housing Corporations Ymere, Stadgenoot, Eigen Haard, Ministerie van BZK, Stichting DOEN | paperback | 160 pp. | 24 x 17 cm (h x w) | Dutch | ISBN 978-90-78088-90-5

Table of contents (pdf)
About the authors (pdf)

The absence of community centres are reasons for citizens to start their own initiatives. These initiatives create places to meet and strengthen the neighbourhood’s economy and community. While they influence neighbourhoods in a constructive way, they also change the relationship between citizens, public authorities and social organizations. Pioniers in de stad offers an insider’s perspective of different local grassroots projects. The book contains case studies of 24 urban grassroots projects, centered around the following themes: community building; real estate and area development; activating local residents; and entrepreneurial models. Through these case studies, the book gives a hands-on overview of many projects in the city, but also tries to give local authorities an inspiring insight on how citizens solve problems in a creative way.