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SchoolParasites | Not the Trailer

Provisional Classrooms for Primary Schools

Out of print

  • Good, attractive solutions for space shortages in schools, the history of education and accommodation for schools since 1950
  • Includes 36 pages of project information and beautiful new and historical photographs

Authors: Wilma Kempinga, Rien Korteknie, Annuska Pronkhorst, Michelle Provoost, Felix Rottenberg, Mechtild Stuhlmacher, Wouter Vanstiphout
Editors: Wilma Kempinga, Annuska Pronkhorst, Michelle Provoost, Wouter Vanstiphout, Astrid Vorstermans
Contributors: Hans Aarsman, Martin Bril, José van Dijck, Sjaak Langenberg, Edith Mastenbroek
Design: Floor Houben, Minke Themans

2004, Valiz with WiMBY! | supported by The Netherlands Architecture Fund| hardbound | 176 pp. | 16 x 16 cm (h x w) | Dutch | ISBN 978-90-80818-51-4

Many schools have to contend with the tension between an inflexible building and constantly changing requirements for use. WiMBY! (Welcome into My Backyard!) therefore commissioned three designers to develop SchoolParasites, provisional structures, flexible in application and striking in design, as an attractive alternative to the usual trailer-type provisional classrooms.
This book documents the designs of Barend Koolhaas, Onix and Christoph Seyferth. It also covers far-reaching questions on the interaction of education and architecture, on the inventiveness of the schools themselves, on permanence and temporariness, and on how intelligent, flexible solutions can play a role in the restructuring of post-war urban areas.