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Over nieuwe collectieven, publiek domein en transitie

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  • Investigates inspiring ‘bottom-up’ initiatives that intervene in public space
  • Researches the relationship between the public domain, citizens, government and social institutions and how they work together
  • Only available in Dutch

Author: Mariska van den Berg
Editors: Lotte Haagsma, Simon Franke
Design: Gabriele Franziska Götz, assisted by Mariska Gewald

2013, trancityxvaliz | supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Fonds BKVB, Mondriaan Foundation | paperback | 196 pp. | 18 x 11 cm (h x w) | Dutch | ISBN 978-90-78088-82-0

Table of contents (pdf)

This book explores small-scale initiatives of residents, activists, artists, architects and other citizens who intervene in the public space. These initiatives range from spatial interventions—building a pavilion or laying out a communal vegetable garden—to programmes that aim to make the use of public space more attractive. Mariska van den Berg researched some thirty examples in the Netherlands and abroad and interviewed the initiators about their motives, how they realize their plans, and their ideas on the city and its public function. The publication contains a large essay by Mariska van den Berg, interviews with Tine de Moor, Willemijn Lofvers, Sadik Harchaoui en Apolonija Šušteršičis, and descriptions of projects in The Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

Mariska van den Berg has a broad experience with artists, policy makers and artistic projects that intervene in the public space.