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Book launch Let's Become Fungal! in Berlin

What: Presentation of Let's Become Fungal!
When: 28 September 2023, 19:30–21:00
Where: Zabriskie, Reichenberger Str. 150, 10999, Berlin
Organized by: Zabriskie, the event is part of Climate Care 2023, Floating University 
Languages: English and German
Admission: Free 

Presentation of the book Let's Become Fungal! at Zabriskie book store in Berlin. 

The book Let’s Become Fungal! Mycelium Teachings and the Arts takes its inspiration from the world of art and mycology and shares innovative practices from Latin America and the Caribbean that are rooted in behaviours of mycelium: multispecies collaboration, symbiosis, alliances, non-monetary resource exchange, decentralisation, bottom-up methods and mutual dependency­. Yet Let’s Become Fungal! is more than a book. It’s a methodology that can be activated in communities, networks, movements and organisations.

Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodríguez works as curator and researcher on art and ecology, and is based in Mexico-City. She founded and directed many international initiatives at the intersection of art and ecology, including the Green Art Lab Alliance (Asia, Latin America and Europe) and the Nature Research Department, the Van Eyck Food Lab, and the Future Materials Bank at the Jan van Eyck Academie (Netherlands). Author Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodríguez will be present at this event to tell everything about the book and programme of workshops, activities and research related to this title. 

Zabriskie is a specialized bookshop with a focus on (sub)cultural and natural phenomena, and stocks books and magazines in German and English. The store contains a careful selection of titles. You can find unusual publications in the fields of natural history, nature writing, ecology and sustainability; gardening, self-sufficiency and DIY; underground music and films; visionary ideas and alternative life models; Small publishers, artist publications and editions; idleness and slowness; intoxication and consciousness; Walking, Traveling and Places; Essays on philosophical and social topics; countercultural movements; strange and occult phenomena; fantastic, imaginative and speculative fiction; Poetry on landscape and nature.

This event is part of Climate Care 2023, een publieksprogramma van Floating University